Honda's website revamped to feature green car content

Honda makes some pretty fuel-efficient vehicles, and now the company's official website has been dramatically updated to reflect this. I mean, anywhere you look on the site (pretty much), the green theme jumps out at you. There are featured sections on hybrids, fuel cells, and engines/cars that run on natural gas, ethanol or diesel. There is also a large section devoted to the hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX concept vehicle ( AutoblogGreen has a detailed write-up of the FCX here). Lastly, Honda's movie site, Honda Dreamers TV has also been upgraded and now has higher quality videos at lower bandwidths.

Honda says these changes are a natural progression since "the environment is becoming more and more important." I happen to think the environment has been pretty important for a few million years now, but I get what they mean: The environment is becoming more and more important for our corporate image and in customer's minds.

Oh, this story refers to Honda's global website. The American Honda Motor Co. site doesn't go overboard on the green. Yet.

[Source: Honda]

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