Bus money now available for NAIAS field trips

One year when I was in school we took a field trip to a farm. Cows are great. Between two buns with cheese. Had I only grown up nearer Detroit, I could have been taking field trips to the Detroit auto show. Cars are cool. Especially for eighth graders. Even without cheese.
To make it easier, and more affordable, for schools to bring all those future car buyers curiousity-filled young minds down to Cobo, the Detroit Auto Dealers Association Education Foundation and Eppert Foundation are providing $250 grants for the first 100 buses coming to the show. That will be a big financial burden off of Michigan school system's shoulders.

[Source: NAIAS.com]

The grant program is in conjunction with State Farm Insurance's Automotive Education Day, where 8-12 grade students study automotive topics presumably other than what some study in high school. Unnamed industry executives and NHRA driver Hillary Will will speak to the students January 17. Registration is now open.

More than 5,000 students attended Education Day last January, some from as far as North Carolina. Ya know what? That means my school could have just as easily had a NAIAS field trip! I'm calling Principal Harris right now!

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