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America's hydrogen and fuel cell projects pinpointed in new DOE online database

The hydrogen economy is here. Well, at least it's starting. Slowly. The Department of Energy still estimates 15-20 years before L.A. and New York start to see serious hydrogen infrastructure, but that doesn't mean there aren't little infrastructure parts popping up here and there. We mention them now and again here on AutoblogGreen, but if you're looking for a detailed database of where ongoing or closed hydrogen/fuel cell installations, vehicle demonstrations and hydrogen fueling stations are located in the United States, I've found the database for you.
The State Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Policy and Demonstration Database is a partnership between and the DOE's Hydrogen Project. There is also a separate chart for upcoming hydrogen fueling stations, the Hydrogen Fueling Station Chart. Stationary fuel cells are listed in a different area, the Worldwide Stationary Fuel Cell Installation Database.

I poked around the main database a bit, searching for hydrogen vehicle items and found 11 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle projects here in Michigan, part of 187 in the entire country. The DOE says this database is a work in progress, so if you find information missing or that is incorrect, let them know.

[Source: FuelCells 2000]

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