If your company had twenty-eight staff members each driving about 25,000 miles a year, would you think to change all their vehicles to hybrids, specifically Toyota Priuses? What if your company was Toyota, how about then? The Toyota (GB) PLC has long wanted to make the switch, but couldn't take advantage of the new generation Prius when it was introduced in 2004 because it was in such short supply. Toyota decided to sell the cars it could to customers, so Toyota PLC had to wait until now to have enough cars to use internally. Half the fleet has now been changed; the rest will follow early next year.

Toyota says each Prius that replaces a standard car in the fleet reduces the amount of CO2 emission by two tons a year (for a total of 56 tons a year, in case the math is too tricky for you). Toyota's annual fuel costs will be reduced by more than £17,000, according to general manager Tim Copland.

[Source: Toyota]

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