Revealed! Optimus Prime in all his glory

Brit film mag Empire has the goods, with a full-on cover shot Optimus Prime as he'll appear in this summer's Transformers big-screen blockbuster. Now, the trailer that was released last week (which we still watch with regularity) hinted at what the look would be when it showed him transforming from a high rear angle. In that shot, you saw that his head was pretty much in tune with the one we all know and love from the old toys and cartoon.

This cover shot solidifies that, showing a face that, while obviously modernized, is unmistakably that of Optimus Prime. And we dig his flame job, too. Friends, this is what badass looks like.

If you're looking for any of us on 4th of July weekend, we'll be in darkened theaters throughout the country, preferably ones equipped with DLP systems.

Thanks for the tip, Adil!

[Source: Empire via TFW2005]

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