Injured Marine receives custom Subaru rally golf cart

For U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Steven Schulz, losing the ability to drive his beloved blue Subaru WRX was one of the more painful aspects of his Iraq war injuries. The 22-year-old veteran had his leg, brain, skull and vision damaged in Fallujah 20 months ago when a roadside bomb exploded near him. His dreams of racing were over, and even driving was out of the question. But recently his father, Steven Sr., found out that he could drive a golf cart on his Friendswood city streets if he needed to. And that's how it all started.

The most recent chapter of the story goes something like this: A ragtag parade of 50 friends, family members and generous supporters made their way down his suburban Texas street to deliver a customized Subaru golf cart that matches the car he can no longer drive. On Christmas Eve, Steven stepped outside his house and saw not only the cart, but the whole group of people responsible for the gift as well.

The golf cart itself is one of only five made for the Subaru World Rally team. McRee Subaru in Dickinson added a lift kit, and other items and services were donated to make it better for Schulz. Things like a special steering wheel with the U.S. Marine Corps logo on it, graphics, a stereo system and special tires, a trailer hitch, under dash lighting, and even a Sparco racing harness. Although the gift was a wonderful one and Schulz appreciated it immensely, there are still medical costs to consider so the fundraising website is still up. The person behind the site, Barry Waxman, is the person who was most responsible for the gift.

Waxman met Schulz through other Subaru owners a year ago and heard that Steven's dad was looking for a Subaru golf cart. He knew what to do, and started the site that raised more than $14,000 in donations from people across the country. In just three days they had already raised the $9,000 for the golf cart, so the additional $5,000 went to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, which helped Steven during his surgeries. Click the "Read" link to learn the full story and to find out how you too can help.

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