Bottom up? - Ford rolls out a grass-roots effort

Ford's trying a multi-pronged approach at raising the public's awareness of their turnaround efforts. Of course the big, glossy, traditional marketing campaigns will lead the way, but the Blue Oval's also beating the streets.
Ford is sending execs across the land to talk with community groups like Lions and Rotary clubs, chambers of commerce, and local news media. Most of the populace is aware that Ford is having some trouble, but they're less aware of how Ford plans to fly out of this stall. Emmissaries are spreading the word about the great Consumer Reports quality results of the Fusion/Milan twins, getting them jazzed about the MKX and Edge, and taking the time to answer locals' questions and let them check out the cars. The message Ford is trying to send appears to be "we want to stick around, we're working on it." Hopefully, those questions and comments coming back from the audience are being relayed up the chain of command. To really be successful, Ford needs to build cars people want, and what better way to find out what the public has on its mind than to ask?

[Source: Detroit News]

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