Chery recalls 1,875 SUVs

For the first time ever, Chinese automaker Chery is issuing a global recall. Chery is bringing back 1,875 of its Tiggo SUVs with automatic transmissions because they could suffer engine failure if a faulty fan controller is not repaired. The automaker said it has exported 25,000 of the SUVs around the world this year, but only 80 exported SUVs fall under the recall. At least some Tiggos are produced in Russia, but it was not clear if the recalled vehicles were built there.
Chery, founded in 1997, had its first domestic recall in 2005 to repair its Eastar sedans. It marked the first recall ever by a local Chinese car maker.

Some analysts are saying that the recalls are a good sign Chery, and the emerging Chinese auto industry, is more prepared to take on the international market. Only since 2004 has China had laws regulating its auto industry, forcing its car makers to improve the quality and safety of Chinese-produced cars.

Read the entire recall notice translated from Chinese here.

[Source: Auto Industry]

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