Dutch treat: Donkervoort D8 GT

You can pronounce Donkervoort however you like (there are few who will know any better); we prefer to pronounce it Donkerdamnthatshot. But, that's just us.

You're looking at Dutch carmaker Donkervoort's 1,430 pound coupe version of their D8 roadster. Drop one of three available Audi engines (180 hp, 210 hp, and 270 hp) into that carbon-fiber frame and you got yerself a wicked-fast means of ridding the world of expensive 18" tires.

Though these are just renderings, we'll probably see the real thing at the Geneva show in March. From online translations, it looks like Donkervoort will only build 50 of these pieces of speeding art. No word on price, but if you gotta ask...

A couple more renderings after the jump.

[Source: Autovisie.nl via MotorAuthority]

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