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Mercedes Benz CLR 600 concept

What you see here are renderings of what project designer and automotive illustrator Mark Hsieh feels the future of Mercedes-Benz might hold. The ideas are drawn on a future model from MB called the CLR 600 sporting a 600-bhp version of the 5.6 liter V8. Hsieh has decided that this vehicle will be a CLS coupe and has designed a racing version with styling cues taken from both the old and new schools of racecar design. The grille and front fascia has bits and pieces from old school 'Benz models while the rear of the car, especially the NASCAR "Car of Tomorrow"-inspired rear spoiler, clearly comes from an entirely new school of thought.

Not a bad looking car, but does it hint at a new era in Mercedes styling? Mr. Hsieh thinks that the new direction will be much more sinister that the current cars. We're just not sure if this is the direction "more sinister" should go. Thoughts?

See a couple more renderings after the jump

[Source: Car Body Design]

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