If you own a 2007 Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep listen up, because you're likely affected by Chrysler's latest recall. DaimlerChrysler is bringing home more than 68,000 vehicles to reprogram balky brake computers.

The 11 affected models are 2007 versions of the Sebring, 300, Charger, Magnum, Caliber, Commander, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Nitro and Compass. Whew.

Chrysler says computers in the recalled vehicles' could fail, leading to a loss of antilock brakes, traction control and speedomter functions. We don't remember much from our drivers' ed class, but we're pretty sure brake failure is hardly ever a good thing. Thankfully DC says nobody's been hurt yet.

Oh, and you Sebring drivers must have broken a mirror or something. While one team of crack DC mechanics gives your car a brain transplant, another team will be reteaching it to defrost your windshield. So take a book or something. That particular recall affects about 6,000 new Sebrings.

[Source: Reuters]

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