15 events make Renewable Fuels Association notable in 2006 list

From the very first day of 2006 to the beginning of December there were 15 highlights in the ethanol world, according to the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). Of the 15, which you can see here, my favorites were the final elimination of MTBE from the market on May 5th (begone, nasty methyl tertiary butyl ether) and the way that the Indy Racing League started moving towards ethanol acceptance (the cars ran on E10 this year and will be powered by E100 in 2007). But there were more than fifteen notable things that happened to ethanol in 2006. Here are a few that the RFA missed:
  1. 1,000 E85 gas stations now open across America
  2. MSU professor tries to grow ethanol crops on brownfields
  3. Congress still doesn't recognize the difference between cellulosic ethanol and non-cellulosic ethanol
  4. YouTube gives us Captain Cornelius
  5. MIT engineers suggest using ethanol as an MPG booster
  6. Vinod Khosla writes about ethanol for WIRED magazine
  7. Of course, how can I not mention cellulosic ethanol research into poplar tree and watermelon biomass?
Now, what did I miss? Add your choices for top ethanol events in the comments. And what are your predictions for 2007?

[Source: Renewable Fuels Association via Domestic Fuel]

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