What's up with V Is For Voltage website?

V Is For Voltage is/was a website dedicated to electric transportation. Automobile directory said it is/was "Absolutely the planet's premiere electric scooter and personal electric vehicle magazine featuring stories, news, product profiles, industry interviews and events, wild modifications, video, animation, classifieds, dealer listings and much more." What's up with using the present/past form of to be? Because the site is gone, and yet it still lives on.

Ken Trough, an electric vehicle fan, started the site in 2001. You can see how excited he was about getting things going here. Sometime around the end of November of this year, the V Is For Voltage website was attacked by hackers and now, when you try to visit the site through a Google search for "V Is For Voltage" (quotes included), you're greeted with the warning message above, which was placed there by Google. If you click on the cached version of the site, then you get this message for a skeletal version of the original site: "We are in the process of sanitizing and upgrading this site due to an attack by hackers. Please come back later."

I figured if Google is warning me against the site, then I should see what a different search engine would do. None of them have a way to access the site. I've read rumors that nasty corporate interests took the site down, but that seems pretty far-fetched to me, especially because I haven't seen or found any sort of proof or explanation.

Whatever the case, V Is For Voltage is trying to get up and running again. If you miss the site, you can visit the V Is For Voltage Recovery Blog, which includes updates from Trough on how the recovery is going.

[Source: Google]

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