goes with veggie oil

Product designer Spencer Brown decided decided to create new ecologically friendly packing materials for moving applications a few years ago after trying to dispose of the boxes from a move of his own. After visiting a landfill and discovering all the materials that were available, he designed moving pallets made from recycled diapers and plastic bottles, packing crates also made from recycled plastics, packing cubes from dead paper and other products as well. Thus EarthFriendlyMoving was born with all reusable moving materials. Now the company has announced that all their delivery trucks will moving over to run on vegetable oil.

The company currently has one prototype truck running on vegetable oil with six more ordered and another 33 coming in 2007. In addition the trucks are equipped with extra large alternators that charge special batteries. This electricity is used to produce rolls of packing paper on the trucks as needed. Any unused power is fed back into the grid from the batteries at night. If you're planning a move, and this company is in your neighborhood, it's definitely worth checking them out.

[Source: G Living TV via Hugg]

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