Chicago-area Volvo dealer gets car tower

Paying homage to Volvo's car-stacking antics of yore, Volvo of Oak Park outside Chicago has created a new landmark for those cruising the Eisenhower Expressway. No doubt, Chicagoland
traffic reporters will use the tower to denote how bad traffic is, like "The Ike is backed up past the Volvo tower to the Tri-State." Facing a need to display cars in a small space, Volvo of Oak Park decided the only way to go was up.

Seven cars can be displayed in the tower, which is lit up at night and will change cars and lighting in keeping with the seasons. We're a little miffed we weren't invited to rub elbows at the introduction party they held featuring a classical guitarist and a dance orchestra, but the tower concept is a new wrinkle for Volvo, and it could work out well for other space-limited dealerships. Maybe we'll get our chance to hear an ersatz-Segovia and act like we know something about wine and cheese after all. Or are Volvo parties different now?

Press release and more pics after the jump.

[Source: Volvo North America]

Volvo of Oak Park Reveals Chicago's First Glass Tower of Cars

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, Chicago VIPs
gathered at Volvo of Oak Park for a dazzling celebration to introduce the
area's newest architectural landmark, visible from the Eisenhower
Expressway. Spotlights lit up Chicago's first-ever tower of cars, a
vertical showcase displaying seven Volvos in glass cases stacked on top of
one another.

One year ago, when faced with a growing business and shrinking amount
of car display space, Volvo of Oak Park needed an innovative parking
solution. Out of this challenge came Volvo's first-ever glass tower of
cars. Inspiration for the innovative architectural landmark came from
collaboration between Van Stokes, Sr. of Shanghai, China, who created a
similar structure in Berlin, Germany and Errol Jay Kirsch's architecture
firm in Oak Park.

"Not only does our new tower serve a functional, space-saving role for
our dealership, it also brings a visually unique element to the Chicago
suburbs," said Antonio Scalzo, Volvo of Oak Park president. "This tower
solidifies Volvo of Oak Park as a cutting edge, standout car dealership in
the area."

"The tower is a first in the nation, adding another level of
differentiation from Volvo of Oak Park's innovative organization and
enhancing the dealership's premier qualities," said Jeff Pugliese, vice
president of Volvo's Midwestern region.

The evening event also celebrated Oak Park's arts emphasis with works
by local artists and musical guests. Musical entertainment was provided by
classical guitarist Goran Ivanovic and the Georgia Frances Dance Orchestra.
The view from the glass tower will change and stay fresh as new Volvo
models are displayed and lighting reflects the changes in the season.

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