One of the things we've always enjoyed about this particular medium is its raw, unadulterated simplicity. In the beginning, it was a title, a photo and some text, with a few hyperlinks thrown in for background. As Autoblog has evolved, we've gone from a basic rat rod, with a bare minimum of mechanicals to a mildly modded muscle car that actually has a few creature comforts and a couple of boltons. In the very near future, more features will be added, with the end result being a fully built, customized conveyance of information with all manner of features and technologies. At the close of the day, however, we won't lose the essentials that make this site the success that it is.

In the spirit of moving forward, we'd like to point out that on the right hand side of the site, you'll find our new photo gallery feature. Our amazingly, super-wonderful friends in IT have blessed us with a system that allows for thumbnails and full size images, all at the click of a mouse. This feature will make it exceptionally easier for you to view images and for us to bring you all those compelling live shots you expect from our show coverage.

We'd ask you to check out the gallery, play around with the links and then let us know what images you've seen in the past that you'd like to see uploaded, as well as what size you'd like the full pics to be displayed in. Currently, our full size images are formatted to be 1280 pixels wide. That may make viewing the pics in their entirety an exercise in scrollerobics, so we want to know what you'd prefer.

As always, watch this space. More is on the way and we think you'll be as excited as we are when you see what our evolution will bring.

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