$1,600 for a lifetime of free gas

Chris Phillips, a 39-year-old in Hartford, Connecticut, recently spent $1,600 to convert his 2005 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Wagon into a grease car. Not that he's running on VegOil, he figures he can pretty much drive for free for the life of the car. What attracted me to this story in the Hartford Advocate was the way that this green car story so comfortably fits into the Advocate's "My Ride" series of locals and their vehicles of choice.

Phillips told his hometown paper that he used a conversion from greasecar.com and paid a mechanic at Evergreen Motors in Greenfield, Mass. who "has done more installs than anybody else" to install it after Phillips realized he couldn't do it all himself (On another website, Phillips says the paper misquoted him a little bit, but doesn't say where or how much).

In the summer months, Phillips uses what sounds like pure biodiesel in the starter tank. He uses B50 now that it's colder out and gets 40-45 mpg on whatever fuel he's using. He has a different scale for "petro-miles," though, and says he can get "hundreds of miles per diesel fuel gallon."

[Source: Hartford Advocate]

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