VIDEO: BikiniRacer 2006 highlights

One of our favorite models from this year's show circuit was Anna Comingore at the VIP Auto Fashion Show. Anna's nickname is Bikini Racer. We know what the "Bikini" stands for. Anna has won her fair share of modeling trophies, and deservedly so. So what does the "Racer" part refer to? You can be forgiven for thinking so because of the bikini association, but it doesn't refer to swimming. No, you see, Anna campaigns a Toyota Supra Turbo drag racer. And she did pretty well this year, finishing 2nd out of a field of 16 nationally in the NDR NOPI Chic class, and winning Stock Twin Turbo outright at TX2K6, the Supra Nationals. Along the way she managed a best time of 11.55 @ 120 mph! Pretty impressive. Well, Anna remembered us from VIP and wanted us to know she put together a video montage of the highlights from her 2006 season, both on and off the track. Thanks, Anna. Click away after the jump and enjoy.

[Source: BikiniRacer]

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