Plethore supercar by HHT Locus Technologies to debut in Montreal

Nicknamed the "Quebec Bomb" by designer Luc Chartrand, the 2007 Plethore from HHT Locus Technologies is set to explode on to the exotic car scene at the 2007 Montreal International Auto Show in late January.

Constructed completely from carbon fiber, the mid-engine Plethore tips the scales at a mere 2,450 lbs. In standard guise, the GM-sourced 8.2-liter V8 sends 750 horsepower through the Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox with optional engine packages up to 1,300 horsepower available. To put that into perspective, let's run some numbers. In standard form, the Plethore only needs to move 3.27 pounds with each horsepower generated by the big V8. Compare that to the Bugatti Veyron at 3.52 lbs/hp and you get an idea of the potential of this vehicle. Even crazier is the number with the available 1,300 horsepower package; an astounding 1.88 lb/hp that cozies right up to an F1 car at around 1.65 lb/hp.

Thanks to Raoul for the tip!

[Source: CNW Group]

Like a McLaren F1, the Plethore has a central driving position for the driver and sports two passenger seats in the rear to either side of the driver. The company states that the vehicle can comfortably seat three passengers up to 6'6" in height, quite a feat for an exotic, and comes standard with most of the creature comforts available in luxury cars.

Pricing for he 2007 Plethore starts at around $330,000 CDN or about $288,000 US. Not a bad deal considering the performance potential. If the Plethore performs anywhere near what the numbers say it should, this could be the supercar deal of the century. For the price of a single Bugatti Veyron, which it should outperform, you could fill your garage with the Plethore, an MB S63 AMG, a Bentley Continental Flying Spur and still have enough left over for a vacation house in the country.

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