Nissan and NEC to work on new batteries together

Just-Auto is reporting that Nissan has approached electronics giant NEC to work on new lithium-ion batteries together. This would certainly help Nissan in its goal to add more hybrid and fuel cell cars, as well as an all-electric within three years.

As you may recall, Nissan has been borrowing its hybrid technology from Toyota and announced that it would like to do an in-house hybrid in the near future. Next came the announcement that a plug-in would be on its way in the next three years. This partnership between NEC and Nissan would cover the development, production and marketing of the batteries. It looks like a joint venture factory will also open sometime in 2010. In the rush to take advantage of new breakthroughs in battery technology, cozying up to NEC seems like a particularly shrewd move for this Japanese automaker.

[Source: Just-Auto, sub req]

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