2003's diesel-electric hybrid of the year: the L3 Enigma

I wrote a post back in July about the smart fortwo EV's drivetrain. In a comment to that post this week, AutoblogGreen reader Frank Falcone mentioned an early diesel-hybrid, L3 Research's Enigma prototype. With an electric motor by AC Propulsion and a 1998 1.2 liter TDi Volkswagen ICE, the Enigma could use diesel (or biodiesel, naturally) and electricity to achieve 80 mpg (European rating). According to L3 Research, the Enigma's parallel hybrid system had an all-electric range of 20 miles.

The L3 Research website has not been updated in three years, so the claims that they are "merging the future with today" is not as accurate as it once was. Perhaps Frank can clue us in where the people involved with the project are today. And where's that prototype?

[Source: L3 Research, thanks to reader Frank Falcone]

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