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George Lucas receives first Mosler MT900 supercar

Our car culture obsessed friends got the inside scoop on the first road-legal Mosler to be delivered to a U.S. customer. The owner in question is none other than George Lucas, creator of the good and, at times, not-so-good Star Wars sextology.

We originally reported about the arrival of the Mosler last month, but were unsure about who was going to be the lucky owner No. 1.

Since the first two Mosler MT900s are being utilized by the bespoke carmaker as in-house testing units, Lucas' Vader-black model bears the serial number 003 and comes equipped with an LS6 sitting mid-ship, producing 435 HP and allowing the dark horse starship to dispatch the sprint to 60 in a scant 3.1 seconds.

We'd like to think that Lucas might find inspiration from the Mosler for future, forward-thinking cinematic experiences, both from its purposeful shape and mind-boggling performance.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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