While we have millions upon millions of flex fuel (that is, E85 capable) vehicles cruising the streets in America – and almost all of them running on pure dinojuice – in the UK, Ford is trying to point out the drama of delivering the 150th flex fuel Focus registered in Britain to the National Farmer's Union (NFU).

Yes, the sesquicentennial biofuel Focus will be used by NFU vice president Paul Temple (pictured) and will be filled up with bioethanol "wherever possible as he travels around the country on NFU business." How possible is this? It's not impossible, but not easy either. Ford says there are 13 Morrisons stations that sell E85 in Somerset, Norfolk, Suffolk, Derbyshire, Northants and South Wales.

One tidbit in the press release struck my eye: "Ford's Focus FFV and C-MAX FFV can run on any mix of bioethanol or petrol in the same fuel tank." Really? You can use E100 in the UK just like in Brazil? Cool.

[Source: Ford]

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