Zap EV truck review: it's slightly shoddy, but I might buy one

I've never driven a Zap! Car, but AutoblogGreen reader Ian Johnston has, and he let us know about a lengthy test drive/review article he wrote over at The subject vehicle is one of Zap's electric trucks, and the first thing that struck me was Johnston's description of the pedal arrangement in the tiny EV. The "the accelerator is where your foot would naturally find the brake in a normal car, and the brake is where you'd expect to slam down on a clutch pedal." That is an unfortunate arrangement, but necessary because of the vehicle's design.

Johnston notes a few other quirks about the vehicle, such as the somewhat shoddy production of the truck and the not-so-well-thought-out design (the emergency shut cut-off switch is buried under the driver's seat, for example), but comes away from the test drive with more positive than negative thoughts. The truck will suit his needs and the cost is right. Johnston even says he's considering buying one, so all the negative aspects must not be all that overwhelming.


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