First, Mercury uses Spokesmodel Jill Wagner, who apparently leaves more of an impression on viewers than the cars she's shilling. Then there's the "youthful" music likely picked by a wonk in the ad agency. The band's name is Morningwood. Yup. The very same thing that is not likely to afflict the average Mercury customer (unless they're popping those little blue candies). Either way, it's a catchy little tune called Nth Degree, and at least there's signs of life in the Mercury spots.
Tipster Tracy has pointed us to a fun little video posted on YouTube. Someone's apparently got way too much time on their hands, and chooses to create crappy animation in the modern juvenile male motif. You will not get these minutes of your life back. You've been warned, now go waste 'em!

The homemade video and actual Nth Degree are after the jump.

Homemade Video

Actual Video

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