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Stretching it a bit: classic Mustang limos

In the aftermath of the whole four-door Mustang affair, we bring you something along the same lines... only significantly more depressing, at least for classic motor enthusiasts. It seems that for some, owning a vintage Mustang just isn't unique enough. A few owners have chopped and butchered their classics into stretched abominations.

Our friends over at Carscoop have managed to hold back the tears long enough to find three Mustangs that have met such an ill fate. A black pony-car was stretched out by Mustang Restorations in Illinois. A light blue Mustang limo is operated by Preferred Limousine in Ontario. A third example, a white '66 model with a 289, can be found in California (of course), built by ABC Mustangs of Hayward. And if by some sick, twisted chance this actually strikes you as a good idea and you simply must own such a black mark in the history books of this iconic motor, that last one is up for sale on eBay Motors. At the time of writing, the bidding was up to $15k, the first payment of which must be accompanied by your soul.

We've seen a lot of strange novelty stretched limousines, but this is just too much. Someone put a stop to the madness!

[Source: Carscoop]

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