Fifth Gear award goes to... a Corvette?

Striking us as perhaps something out of Shaun of the Dead, where bizarre news reports keep filtering in through a world-wide crises, we have a somewhat garbled missive from abroad that seems to indicate that the British TV program, Fifth Gear, has awarded the Chevrolet Corvette its Fast Car of the Year award for 2006. A British TV show naming an American car as the best in its class? Must be something amiss. Perhaps the satellite feed is a bit wonky. The show's website doesn't have a confirmation of this award yet, so we can only wonder.

Actually, Fifth Gear handed out a few awards on Monday night, with the Audi TT taking home the slab of Portland Stone for Car of the Year. In the Small Car category, the award went to the new Mini Cooper. Best Family Car was the Ford S-Max. And the previously mentioned Corvette beat out the new 997 Turbo Porsche and Ferrari's latest GTB, the 599 Fiorano in the Fast Car segment.

By the way, the photo shows the actual award, which British sculptor Rob Bowers creates out of Portland Stone for the show. The annual award goes to the car the staff picks out of every vehicle they tested over the previous twelve months.

Thanks for the tip, James!

[Source: Fifth Gear]

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