David pulling Goliath: Honda cycle tows stranded Japanese motorists

UPDATE: Thanks for pointing out our reporting errors. The original source does indeed look to be Chinese. We regret the error.
UPDATE 2: Here's a link to the Swedish conversion company:

Imagine yourself stuck in traffic in China. It seems like nobody is moving and you start to notice funny looking smoke pouring out from under your hood. Unable to move to the shoulder, your poor little Santana goes kaput, right in the middle of the road. Very embarrassing. And it's only going to get worse as there's no way a tow truck will ever be able to cut through that mess to get you out of the way. The only thing you can imagine slicing through the traffic jam is a motorcycle. But that won't help. There's no way a bike can tow a car. Or is there? Well, the Chinese have found out that a bike can indeed tow a car.

A couple more pics after the jump.

[Source: dkbnews via Tigers and Cranes]

Thanks to Junosora, who tipped us to this DKB News item, we have proof. A small fleet of Honda GL 1800s was modified by a Swedish company, turning the bike into a tow vehicle. The GL 1800 has a six-speed transmission with 5 forward gears plus reverse, something that really helps it maneuver into position. It also has enough torque from that big flat-six to be able to pull two-and-a-half tons at about 20 mph. As you can see from the photos, a retractable apparatus can be unfurled from the rear of the bike. It extends to form a tow platform that raises one end of the stranded vehicle. Not really designed to get the vehicle to its final destination so much as getting it out of the flow of traffic, this Transformer reminds us of something Jesse and the boys would have cooked up in the Monster Garage.

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