Online marketing journal Advertising Age just released their Top 10 Most Watched Videos and awarded Dodge the #1 spot for its spot featuring Tinkerbelle and the Caliber. The video shows a pixie flying around town transforming things into more magical versions of themselves by sprinkling fairy dust all over everything, until the fairy gets to the Dodge Charger whose masculinity is so impervious that the fairy's magic is ineffective.

The ad caused a lot of controversy for its ending which was berated as nothing but "a homophobic slur masquerading as a commercial". DaimlerChrysler took a lot of heat for it, but then they probably knew that'd happen when the ad was approved. Which only goes to reinforce the old adage, "there's no such thing as bad press".

The Dodge "Pixie" ad was the only automotive commercial that made it into the top ten.

[Source: AdAge]

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