GTX1 will be limited to 500 cars + 100 SEMA specials

The Ford GT was such an awesome car. Still is, but we use the past tense here to denote the recent completion of its production run. Mr. Top Gear himself, Jeremy Clarkson has made this car into somewhat of a legend among legends by documenting all the travails he's experienced with his personal GT. More so than the Corvette (even the vaunted Z06) or Viper, the Ford GT is the modern American supercar; mid-engined, with 550 hp, track car handling and styling inherited from one of the most iconic racecars of all time, the GT is capable of going toe to toe with Europe's elite. Along with those handsome good looks, the GT inherited the GT40's guillotine doors that wrap into the roof -- perhaps the one fatal flaw for buyers who would've otherwise use their supercar as a daily driver. You see, those doors required such a wide berth to open, that parking was extremely impractical without taking up two spots and risking the wrath of fellow motorists.

Kip Ewing of Ford's SVT team came up with a brilliant solution. He designed a new top for the GT that incorporated sliced-off doors in a 4-piece package that neatly fit inside the vehicle, then tapped Genaddi Design Group to build the concept. That show car, dubbed GTX1, received so much attention that Genaddi decided to put it into limited production. While the GTX1 was making the rounds, the company was busy developing the molds to be able to replicate it and began working on customer conversions. The first slot for a customer car was auctioned at last March's Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction and was delivered back in July.

Now Genaddi has announced that production of the GTX1 will continue until 500 units are built. We're not sure how many orders Genaddi has taken, but that seems like a pretty fair number. Here's the bigger news, though: in addition to the initial 500, which customers can tailor to their own tastes, a separate run of 100 " SEMA Edition" GTX1s will also be produced. Each of these will mirror the concept car, with its Titanium Silver stripes over Valencia Orange paint. They'll also get the prototype's unique wheels, Sparco seats, hidden rear bumper and a host of other changes, including the engine mods that boost horsepower by more than 150 up to 700+. Another special edition, this one built built as part of the run of 500, will be the Pan Americana GTX1. This 10-car run will be finished in racing colors and be made available exclusively to the South American market. Check out the press release after the jump or visit for all the details.

[Source: Genaddi]

Press release:

December 15, 2006 Green Bay, WI

Genaddi Design Group, builders of the Ford GTX1, is announcing today,
December 15, 2006, that production of the GTX1 will be limited to 500 cars. Each will
be custom tailored to the client's wishes with color and options. Additionally there will
be another 100 GTX1 cars produced as the SEMA Edition, which represents the
prototype GTX1 as seen at SEMA 2005 in Las Vegas, NV. Each of the 100 SEMA
Editions will be finished in Valencia Orange color with Titanium Silver stripes. Included
on the SEMA Edition of the GTX1 are; 19x9.5 and 20x12 prototype wheels with Pirelli
P-Zero tires, Sparco Racing Seats with silver grommets, a Horsepower Upgrade to
700+HP, Suede Dashboard, Hidden Rear Bumper, Adjustable Shocks, 5.1 Satellite
Radio, Carbon Fiber Aero Package, Wilwood 6-piston Calipers and 14-inch Gas Slotted
Rotors, the only option will be the B-door upgrade.

The cars produced during the run of 500 have a variety of options available to the
fortunate owners who choose to upgrade their GT to X1 status, see our web site at for a full list of options to build your car. Also included in the 500
GTX1's are 10 cars to be themed as Pan Americana GTX1's in racing colors and
appointments specially designed by Kip Ewing, the GTX1 designer, in commemoration
of the La Carrera Pan Americana Road Race and only available to the South American
market. A full history of the GTX1 can be seen at

Genaddi Design Group is the company that was commissioned by Ford Motor
Co.'s SVT Group to build the GTX1. Owners of the Ford GT are welcome to have their
GT upgraded to a GTX1 should they wish. Genaddi Design Group is taking deposits for
the production slots immediately. Production will continue at Genaddi's present facilities
until August 2007, at which time new production facilities will be used to complete the
limited production run by August of 2008. Introductory pricing for the basic upgrade has
been increased from $38,000 to $48,000. The GTX1 is listed in the NADA Guide and
the cars are also listed with the Shelby American Automobile Club for collectability.

"Turning a super exotic into a phenomenal collector car is equivalent to having
the chance to turn back the hands of time and buy a 427 Cobra", says Mark Gerisch the
CEO and Founder of Genaddi Design Group. Gerisch says "with the popularity of the
GTX1 and what it does for the true driving experience, there is no reason not to upgrade
your GT to the GTX1 if you are a GT owner."

Look for the No. 001 Production GTX1 to be sold at this year's Barrett-Jackson
action in Scottsdale with proceeds benefiting charity.

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