BMW's Ultimate Computing Machine

The ultimate driving machine is getting the ultimate computing machine. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but BMW has reached an agreement with Intel to use their new Albert 2 supercomputer at the BMW/ Sauber Development Center near Z├╝rich, Switzerland. The Albert 2 is only 60th on the list of world's fastest supercomputers at 12.8 teraflops per second. We think that's even quicker than the 20,000 RPM F1 engines.

BMW Motorsport director Dr. Mario Theissen says the Intel deal will stretch beyond the motorsports division, however. BMW will also switch all of its corporate servers over to Intel-based products. Office computers, entertainment and information applications, service computers, they'll all be using Intel equipment in the future. Will new BMW iDrives sport an "Intel Inside" sticker?

One other thing we know about this relationship is that the Formula 1 cars will sport Intel livery. Even with this agreement, Intel is still committed to its arrangement with Toyota as well, where the chip company is a big tech partner for the Japanese automaker's F1 program as well. Somewhat hard to believe, but BMW plans to show off its first Formula 1 car designed with Albert 2 on January 16! That seems very quick indeed.

[Source: Heise via Engadget]

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