A writer for the Sunday Times in London has anointed wise-cracking Danny Devito as a member of the Los Angeles "green brigade."

"Like many Hollywood stars, Danny DeVito has seen the future and it's green," wrote Gill Pringle.

Apparently DeVito impressed the writer with his ownership of a Toyota Prius after losing his EV1 to the crusher at GM when the cars were yanked from their lessees. DeVito then informed the writer about driving tests, speed limits and other mundane trivia associated with getting one's first traffic ticket. At least we learned DeVito, who can be seen in the current movie "Deck the Halls," drives a hybrid. I wonder if he was driving it the night he was partying with George Clooney and then made a fool of himself on TV the next morning.

Source: Gill Pringle / The Sunday Times]

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