Zytech creates first Smart diesel hybrid

British automotive engineering consultancy Zytech, who have been making headlines this year for providing the electric drivetrain that will run the DaimlerChrysler SMART EV, have announced a dual-mode diesel hybrid. Billed as the world's first affordable diesel hybrid drivetrain, the low-cost high-efficiency dual-mode system has been built into a DaimlerChrysler SMART 1.5 litre, three cylinder ForFour CDi demonstration vehicle.
The demonstrator exceeds all the UK Government's Ultra Low Carbon Car Challenge (ULCCC) targets delivering an exceptional 85g of CO2 per km compared with 135g/km for the already exceptionally efficient standard SMART.

Dual mode transmissions allow the electric motor component of the vehicle's drivetrain to operate in series or parallel with engine to offer exceptional efficiency from stop/start and high speed operation. Zytech went with an advanced control system in place of mechanical clutches and complex gearing to achieve their low CO2 result.

The Ultra-Low Carbon Car Challenge is a two-year, Government-supported programme to develop an affordable, five door vehicle with well-to-wheel CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km. To be eligible, the resulting vehicle must retain the space, features and safety of a conventional car in this class, whilst simultaneously delivering adequate performance. It must also be capable of reaching production within four to eight years at a commercially feasible price.

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[Source: Verdict OnCars]

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