It seems that as every week goes by, we get more entertained with the whips featured as the RR of the Day. The vehicles we've shown you in the past run the gamut; from classic to modern, from beater to show stopper. And you know what? We love each and every single one of them the same. Well, most of the time, at least.

So, since we can't pick our favorite, we'll leave it to you. Vote below for your favorite ride and we promise that we'll post the results on Monday, come Hell or fume-induced haze.

Just to refresh your memory, your choices include the stupid-quick Volvo 854 TR5, the over-boosted and under-loved Tercel, the marriage of luxury and oil burning, in the form of an '81 Caddy Eldorado diesel, a thoroughly drool-worthy dime that words cannot simply do justice and the tacky and tail happy Hachi.

Too. Many. Favorites. Must. Pick. One.

RR of the Week
Volvo 854 TR5
Turbo Tercel
Eldorado Diesel
Datsun 510
AE86 Corolla
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