For all the ridiculousness this car exudes, you have to admit, this LP640 has brass balls. Or is that what you have to have to drive this thing on public roads? Either way, bids are currently at $180,000 and the reserve isn't yet met, so if you're kicking around some extra cabbage, this Lambo, in it's electric cabbage hue, could be yours. The e-gear equipped Murcielago has racked up 415 miles, so perhaps that could be a bargaining point should you have the wherewithal to pony up for this Italian that speaks with a German lilt. The metallic green is called Verde Ithaca, which makes it even more multicultural - a Greek green, yum. To us, the hue is akin to something that would've come on a dishwasher in the 1960s, but it's cool. We do like it, and there's nothing like the snarl of the Lambo V12 at full song. One thing we like about the unique shade is the way it accentuates the taut details of the Murcielago's shape. It really looks great with the beige and black interior. For all that, it's not anywhere near practical, but that's not why you buy this thing anyway, and if you're going to have something exclusive, might as well go for an Italian supercar that's not yellow or red.

Nice tip, Brian!

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