Camper Brand personal commuter concept targeted at China

Camper brand, the international company known for its shoes and other ventures has designed a radical new concept vehicle, the Lotus, aimed at the massive growth market of China. The Lotus is designed around the concept of an two-seater Segway-like vehicle which balances on a pair of wheels, made possible by advanced gyroscope technology.
The concept is designed to meet the possible needs of the young Chinese entrepreneur in the year 2012. Running as a plug-in electric, its zero emissions and small footprint are devised to suit busy, urban professionals who are likely to make shorts trips around town and who would appreciate the convenience of recharging from a power point at home. Overcrowding and air pollution are both major problem in Chinese cities and standards of living rise and the traditional bicycle is put aside in favour of motorised transport.

The Lotus can be customised by changing external, recyclable polycarbonate panels as well as internal trim and may be retailed online if it makes it to market.

[Source: Treehugger]

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