Are you an Aries? Then you may suck at driving

Next time you smash your ride into something, just blame it on the stars. Tell the cop Mercury was in retrograde, causing your driving to follow suit and thus leading to the crash of your Mercury. Watch out if you're an Aries with an Aries - that's a dangerous thing to be., a Canadian website that provides insurance quotes to drivers, conducted a study correlating accident rates to zodiac signs. You'd think age and ability would hold more water, but apparently astrology trumps even changing zip codes when determining how prone a particular driver is to accidents. Libras are the worst, followed by Aquarians. The best were Leos and Geminis. As for that Aries, they have a "me first" attitude that leads them into bad juju. If InsuranceHotline's study is accurate, it appears that everyone on the road is an Aries.

[Source: Reuters via]

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