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The complete Trunk Monkey anthology

The first time many of us remember seeing the Trunk Monkey was during the Super Bowl in 2003. Since that time it has popped up on YouTube and in several VODcars vodcasts. These hilarious commercials by Suburban Auto Group feature a trained monkey helping drivers out of sticky situations at the push of an On-Star-like red button. The ruthlessness of the simian savior was often his most endearing quality.
Not for the faint of heart, one video shows the trunk monkey stopping a road rage incident from escalating with a well-placed tire iron to the head of the aggressor. He also took one for the team, offering a bribe to a police officer to help the driver avoid a ticket. He performs first aid, he chaperones dates, and he even delivers babies! Our favorite was how he handled a would-be car thief. You have to watch it to believe it. And for fans of the trunk monkey, there is good news. has the whole collection of eight videos including a director's cut of one of them. The sight also features trunk monkey merchandise and news coverage of the clips. The official site at Suburban Auto group is still up with even more merchandise, but this mirror site offers all of the ads with lots of trunk monkey links, including one to the Subaru community that came up with the idea back in 2000.


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