Strangest Website by an Automaker... of the Year

Definitely an odd one. Apparently Toyota's Swedish division views the world as a turd. Well, at least that's what it looks like to us. This trippy website, dreamed up by Toyota, showcases all of the technical innovations that the brand has achieved. Perhaps we don't understand their intended Swedish audience, but this just seems really... far out, man. It is cool to browse and get little overviews of how Toyota empowers workers to build better products, and how the car will parallel park itself (in about 3x the time and steps it'd take you to park the damn thing). There's also a safety overview with crash footage - any time you can see a car smash into crash test barriers, that's cool. It's an interesting and fun website to poke around. Nowhere near as cool as AMG's website, a portal that makes ignoring your friends and priorites supremely easy, but it's still pretty cool. Especially creepy and intriguing was the section on fingertip sensitivity. If you're stressed out at work, try opening up the website in a browser window and burying it in the background, as the soundtrack of cows mooing, helicopters buzzing and water dripping will sooth even the most weary soul.

[Source: Toyota via RideRoom]

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