Love child of luxury: Bentley and Bugatti beget the Big Bang

Although we've talked about Bugatti's plans for a super sedan as a follow-up to the all-powerful Veyron, apparently there are some people out there who don't have the patience to wait for such a car to become reality. German tuner LEW Design can help you get at least part way there with its new LEW Big Bang.

LEW took the expeditious path and used a Bentley Continental GT as a starting point and slapped on some Bugatti styling cues. The Big Bang, unveiled at the Essen Motor Show, has the Bug look with its iconic Bugatti horseshoe grille and Audi Q7 headlights that mimic the Veyron look. Carbon fiber panels are used around the Conti to reduce weight a bit, as well as make some subtle styling changes.

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[Source: AutoBild]

The rear, in particular, looks pretty different, resembling Ferrari's 456 more than anything else. It also features a revised rear valance and undertray that should help high speed airflow management. Although the sight of the Bug mug is a little odd at first, the whole thing looks pretty good and it should actually handle a little better thanks to its lower weight.

Taking the already ridiculously powerful twin-turbo W-12 and cranking it up a notch, the LEW crew has managed to find an extra 100 hp bringing the total to 650 or so. LEW modifies the suspension with the help of Eibach and adds carbon-ceramic brakes to complete the package. Top speed should rise to 330 km/h (205 mph), and 0-60 should drop a few tenths. Prices should start at approximately 270,000 euro.

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