First Ever Diesel in a Compact Chevrolet

Chevrolet is unveiling their first compact diesel models at the Bologna Motor Show (which continues through Sunday) in Italy. The Lacetti Diesel and Nubira Diesel are first compact class diesel models Chevrolet has released. Interestingly Chevrolet chose to unveil the cars in Italy because it is the company's strongest market in Western Europe. They will be hoping that the diesel models of the Lacetti and Nubira will emulate the success of the existing Captiva SUV diesel model, which accounts for almost 70 percent of all Captivas sold.

Three compact models, the Lacetti, Lacetti/Nubira sedan and Lacetti/Nubira station wagon, will use the 2.0-liter 89 kW / 121 hp common rail engine which delivers a powerful maximum torque of 280 Nm / 207 ft-lbs at 2,000 rpm. This allows the three models to attain a 0 to 100 km/h / 62 mph in 9.8 seconds and have a top speed of 186 km/h / 115 mph. The sedan uses just 5.7L per 100km as measured by the Motor Vehicle Emissions Group to give 41 mpg and over 1,000 kilometers / 621 miles maximum range.

The four-valve, turbocharged SOHC engine uses the latest-generation Bosch common-rail system to benefit from high combustion chambers pressures and has an aluminum cylinder head and a balance shaft.

Over 160,000 Lacettis and Nubiras were sold across Europe between 2002 and October 2006. The models will be available from March 2007 in Europe.

Photo of the wagon after the break.

[Source: Chevrolet]

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