Vinod Khosla interviewed on PBS' NOW

It's no secret that Vinod Khosla likes ethanol. And he's more than willing to tell you about it. Or, in this case, David Brancaccio over at PBS' NOW. The subject of the show wasn't biofuels or ethanol per se, but "Corporate Compassion," so there's discussion about microlending along with the ethanol talk. You can listen to the show from links on this page.
Khosla has a semi-Rumsfeldian way of speaking, asking and then answering his own questions: "Are we going to trade our food for ethanol? Absolutely not. Are there issues? Sure, there are issues. But they are all easily solvable with very modest amounts of investment of capital," he says at one point during the show.

Khosla also says that better ethanol production methods will allow us to get the same mileage from ethanol as we get from gasoline, and that 40 to 60 million acres of land could replace all of America's gasoline needs as well as supply close to 200 billion gallons of ethanol a year. Everyone's got their own numbers (see stories in the links below).

[Source: PBS' NOW]

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