Mitsubishi releases jeans-themed "i" Kurashiki Edition

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The Japanese automakers are the kings when it comes to putting together special limited-edition, limited-availability models for their home market. More often than not, these editions feature little more than a special interior color, accessory pack, and badging. The limited availability adds exclusivity, which begets desirability, and the editions sell.

Mitsubishi's latest is a 100-unit limited edition of its "i" kei car. Dubbed the "i Kurashiki," it will only be sold out of Okayama Mitsubishi in the Okayama prefecture. Okayama, you see, is home to the city of Kurashiki, which is responsible for the bulk of Japan's domestic blue jeans production.

What makes this version of the "i" special? The seat cloth is printed with a special jeans pattern (but not upholstered in actual denim), and it sports a model-specific badge on its rump (shown after the jump). Other than that, it's an "i" in S trim. Four exterior colors are available, and it costs ¥1,099,000.

This is the strangest JDM special we've seen in a while.

(Exterior, badge shots shown after the jump)

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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