Largest order ever of Rolls Royce Phantoms delivered

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The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong has been shuttling guests to and from the airport and around town in Rolls-Royce automobiles since 1970, when it took delivery of a then-record seven Silver Shadows. Thus began a tradition that saw the hotel place the single largest order for Rolls-Royce automobiles several times through the intervening decades (breaking their own order-size records along the way). Today, the Peninsula outdid itself, taking delivery of fourteen long-wheelbase Phantoms built to custom specifications through RR's Bespoke program.

Each car is finished in Brewster Green with a tan stripe, and has been customized with Bespoke features such as Peninsula Hotel sill plates, an enlarged trunk, a coolbox to store chilled towels, compartments for used towels in the doors, MP3 jacks for the rear seats, relocated rear-seat climate controls, repositioned and enhanced lighting, and even "No Smoking" plaques. Those (and more) are in addition to the already-opulent standard equipment list that includes 12" LCD screens in the rear seat snack trays, a high-end 420-watt sound system, privacy curtains, and the Great Intangibles: that signature grille and the iconic flying lady on the hood.

The size of the purchase, the cars themselves, and the hotel that' serves as their home can only be described as impressive. And to think, we're happy when the hotels we stay at send a branded Econoline to whisk us away from the airport...

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[Source: Rolls-Royce]



14 December, 2006 Goodwood

The Peninsula Hong Kong has today unveiled a fleet of 14 new Rolls-Royce Phantoms – the largest single order ever for this car. Each of the special Extended Wheelbase models has a host of bespoke features and is finished in a unique colour named Peninsula Green.

Ian Robertson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce, presented the keys for all 14 cars to The Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie, Chairman of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited at a ceremony today.

The Peninsula has used Rolls-Royce cars exclusively for its guests, since 1970 – except for one short interlude – and this latest purchase is the eighth record-breaking order for the marque.

Each car has been hand-made at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood on the south coast of England, built under Rolls-Royce's "Bespoke" programme to ensure they meet the exacting needs of the hotel. This programme allows customers to specify cars to suit their precise requirements, allowing them to modify even the smallest details as well as introducing unique features. Rolls-Royce engineers and designers worked closely with Sir Michael and Martin Oxley, the Peninsula's Fleet Vehicle Manager, to develop a number of dedicated features to meet the hotel's specific needs. These included the provision of a cool box for chilled hand towels, customised tread plates and a new, larger luggage compartment.

With attention to detail being a hallmark of both The Peninsula and Rolls-Royce, modifications to the car went a little further than usual. Rear air-conditioning controls were moved to the rear arm rests for easier access. The subtle boulevard lighting system was modified to give maximum illumination for passengers when entering and alighting from the cars, and even the smallest details were subject to scrutiny – new counter-sunk screws were developed for the luggage compartment to remove even the slightest chance of catching or damaging leather luggage.

The cars are all finished to exacting standards. Some 18 leather hides for each Phantom were used to trim the seats, doors and roof-lining, and in a process unique to Rolls-Royce, each hide is tumble-dyed, resulting in a natural finish that is sumptuously soft and requires no protective top coat. The burr walnut veneers were selected by the Goodwood team for their natural beauty and quality, while the colour of the wood was specifically chosen by Sir Michael. Each Phantom is finished with veneer taken from a single tree to ensure that the colour and grain match perfectly across the interior.

In-car entertainment is supplied via a Lexicon sound system employing 15 speakers and nine channel amplification delivering 420 watts. The use of studio-grade components is unique to the Phantom and ensures the delivery of a sound quality unrivalled in the marketplace. DVDs can be watched on twin 12-inch screens housed in the rear fold-down picnic-tables.

In all, it has taken more than 350 hours to build each individual Phantom with 25 Rolls-Royce designers and engineers attentively involved in the project.

The Phantom is the most successful super-luxury car in the world, built using cutting edge technology and lightweight materials. It features an aluminium space frame chassis and body which weighs much less than steel, but is enormously strong to give both added safety and outstanding driving refinement, free of vibration. The engine is of the most modern design and features direct fuel injection and variable valve control, delivering excellent fuel economy for a car of its size and power, marking a significant improvement in terms of emissions compared to the previous fleet of Silver Spurs. The new Phantom offers significantly more space for passengers, delivers higher amounts of torque and power and yet consumes significantly less fuel than the previous-generation Silver Spur.

Due to the size and complexity of the new cars, Martin Oxley and the hotel's team of chauffeurs travelled to the UK for a week of training at the Sir Henry Royce Training School, Rolls-Royce's dedicated technical institute. Additionally, copies of the owners' operating handbooks were translated and printed in Cantonese to provide an accurate reference for the hotel's team of drivers.

Martin Oxley's career spans 33 years of attending to Rolls-Royce cars, including 22 years with Rolls-Royce beginning as an apprentice and working up to General Manager at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in London. He has been overseeing the care of The Peninsula's vehicles for 11 years.

The Peninsula and Rolls-Royce have been associated in excellence for almost 40 years, in a record-breaking partnership that began with the hotel's first order for seven Silver Shadows in 1970.

The relationship commenced with the simple question "Have you enquired?". When told that a fleet of Rolls-Royces would probably be too expensive for the hotel, Lord Lawrence Kadoorie (father of Sir Michael) asked if anyone had actually contacted Rolls-Royce to ascertain the cost.

That purchase made history for being the largest ever single order for Rolls-Royce motor cars, and set a trend that continues to this day with the arrival of the hotel's eighth and latest fleet of extended wheelbase Phantoms.

Over the years, The Peninsula has set new records with each successive order for Rolls-Royces: in 1976 when it purchased eight Silver Shadows; in 1980 with an order for nine Silver Shadow IIs; in 1987 when it took delivery of eight Silver Spirits; 1994 when the hotel welcomed nine Silver Spur IIIs and one vintage 1934 Phantom II; in 1995 with another nine Silver Spurs; another four in 1998, and yet another in 2004.

The grandest member of the fleet is a magnificent and immaculately restored 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II. The Phantom II is just six years younger than the hotel itself, having made its debut on the stand of Messrs Barker & Co (Coachbuilders by Appointment to HM The King and HRH The Prince of Wales) at the London Motor Show in October 1934.

Speaking at the unveiling of the new fleet of Phantoms, The Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie said, "For more than 35 years The Peninsula Hong Kong has used Rolls-Royce cars, and this new fleet of Phantoms is the most impressive of their cars built to date. Rarely are my expectations exceeded, but on this occasion they have been - the cars, like the hotel, must exemplify quality, and the service requirements have also mirrored these high standards."

Ian Robertson added, "Today is a proud moment for everyone at Rolls-Royce, particularly the Bespoke team that has worked tirelessly to produce these cars. We first met with Sir Michael and his team to discuss this project in April 2006, and the cars went into production in August. It is the flexibility and dedication of the team at Goodwood that has helped fulfil this very special order. Rolls-Royce and The Peninsula have enjoyed an outstanding and fruitful relationship since the 1970s and we are keen for this to continue for many years to come."


Full car specifications:

* Exterior finished in Brewster Green with single coach line in Honey
* The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited crest on front doors
* Interior finished in tan leather with burr walnut veneer
* Michelin PAX run flat tyre technology
* DVD Player for six discs
* Vanity mirrors
* Extended leather headlining
* Burr walnut fold-down tables in back seat
* 12" TV screens
* Rear curtains for added privacy in two cars
* Front and rear parking cameras

Bespoke specifications:

* Enlarged boot area
* Boot luggage protector
* Grab handle
* IDD telephone in rear
* Cool box and hand towel cooling compartment
* Used towel storage in rear door
* Periodicals compartment
* Customised tread plates
* Lower glove box illumination
* Hill hold function
* Front seat cover protection
* Interior boulevard lighting modification and illuminated door handles
* Repositioned air-conditioning controls
* Separate illumination for roof-mounted map lights
* No smoking plaques
* MP3 socket located in rear

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