Jellio hearts Autoblog - offers 25% off on Drive In just for you

There were a lot of positive responses to our past two posts on Jellio's special brand of wall art. The latest is called Drive In and features scaled up model parts from a chrome-heavy hot rod. Most readers responded that they'd love to terrorize the Mrs. with this thing on their living room wall, but at the $3,000 price we reported, little Sally wouldn't get her braces and dear old Dad would be sleeping on the couch for many nights to come.

It turns out that the folks at Jellio are car fans as well as addicted Autoblog readers. They heard your cries and contacted us to offer a Christmas deal just for our readers. The wall art is currently listed on their site for $2,500, but Jellio is offering any Autoblog reader 25% off on the Drive In, a savings of $625 for a new price of $1,875. That's $1,100 less than what we originally reported the cost to be, and could be in your price range for some campy wall art to decorate the rec room. Jellio's offer to Autoblog readers will go until the stroke of midnight on December 31st, so you'll still have time to return all the presents you didn't want and get this instead.

Follow the jump for details on how to purchase a Drive In at the special Autoblog price, and if other companies are interested in giving big discounts to Autoblog readers (we're looking at you automakers), feel free to contact us.

To take advantage of this offer, send an e-mail to info at jellio dot com with AUTOBLOG OFFER in
the subject line, and you will get the 25% discount.

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