If you've ever spent any time trying to drive in any big city, you know the meaning of frustration. As I write this I'm sitting in the back seat of a New York city cab trying to get back to La Guardia airport. According to Google Maps the distance from the airport to the Manhattan hotel where I attended a meeting today is 6.8 miles. This morning that distance took just about an hour to cover. This trip looks like it's going to take longer.

Traffic is a problem that's bad, and getting worse, whether you live in the city or commute on freeways or through other towns. There's a column over on TheAutoChannel.com that paints a very scary picture about congestion. By 2013 areas with populations over 3 million people will see minimum delays of 38 hours per traveler per year. I suspect that is a very conservative estimate, unless the numbers are based on all travelers in including passengers in cars. In 2003 wasted time and fuel due to congestion cost the US population over $63 billion dollars, over $800 per traveler and 2.3 billion gallons of fuel. Since increasing capacity on urban roads isn't really a viable option, we need to look elsewhere. We need a lot more mass transit. If I had the option of taking a bus or train to the office every day, I would definitely use it. I could get a lot of work done on a train with my laptop and hopefully a WiFi connection. Click on Read to see the full article.

[Source: TheAutoChannel]

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