And to think, VW/Audi is at the forefront of marketing its vehicles to LGBT audiences...

In the latest round of assigning sexuality to vehicles, the Audi RS4 has emerged as the "straightest" car around in the "Alternative Car of the Year" poll, conducted by Wheels24, a South African online automotive publication. Funny, we know quite a few gay guys who drive Audis.

Volkswagen made the cut as well, with its Jetta filling in the fourth spot in the poll. Toyota also racked up two placements in the "straight" column, with its Fortuner coming in second place and the Lexus IS250 rounding out the poll in fifth. Dodge's macho ads for the Caliber have also apparently paid off -- the "not cute" Neon replacement came in third.

To the likely disappointment of many Autoblog readers who have dubbed the MINI Cooper the gayest car in the comments section of our site, Wheels24 readers actually think the Peugeot 207 deserves the title instead, with the BMW 3-series coupe serving as the runner up. The Jaguar XK came in third, with the Honda Civic hatch and Alfa Romeo 159 coming in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Most individuals -- gay or straight -- can appreciate a nice rear end, so Wheels24 included that in its poll as well. Cars with the sexiest rear end include as follows:

1. Alfa Brera
2. BMW Z4 Coupe
3. Opel Astra GTC
4. Renault Clio
5. Nissan Tiida

[Source: Wheels24]

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