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Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi goes 1,100 miles on one tank of diesel

Some guys get off on rock climbing. Others sky dive, bungee jump, spend exorbitant amounts of money in the stock market and more, just to experience a thrill or two. Danish-born eco adventurer Hans Tholstrup gets his kicks from going green in ways no one has gone green before. Fans of the World Solar Car Challenge, for example, can credit the race's founding to Tholstrup, and he was originally made famous when he circled the continent of Australia in a 16-foot open boat.

This time around, the Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi (Common-Rail Direct injection) supplied Tholstrup with his thrill. After the diesel mid-size sport utility vehicle not only transported Tholstrup from Adelaide to Sydney on a single tank of gas -- with over a quarter of a tank left -- Tholstrup decided to trek a little bit farther to Port Macquarie for a total of 1,100 miles and over 50 miles per gallon. Not bad for an all-wheel drive mid-sized seven-seater weighing in at just under two tons.

In a press release yesterday, Hyundai touted the achievement in the same breath as it denounced hybrids such as the Lexus RX400h as less efficient vehicles with issues surrounding battery disposal and cost. Hyundai has rumbled here and there within the last year about creating affordable hybrid versions of its vehicles, and it and even went so far as to launch the Portico concept vehicle in Chicago, but so far, no firm plans have been announced.

[Source: Gizmag]

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