The Chrysler Group was kind enough to schedule its own media preview event the day after Ford's Showroom of the Future, so one Detroit rush hour traffic jam and crappy hotel room later we're back in the midst of future vehicles and concepts. Unlike Ford's event yesterday, the Chrysler Group featured only vehicles that are destined to be debuted on the auto show circuit this season, rather than visions of the future for 2008, 2009 and beyond. Nevertheless, everything we witnessed is embargoed at least until the Detroit show and later for some. Hopefully we won't get slapped for saying so, but the mood was positive in Chrysler's Design Dome as the press attended seem genuinely impressed with the majority of Chrysler's auto show lineup. There were certainly models we didn't see today that are being saved as suprises for the shows, but what we were privy to bodes well for The Chrysler Group. Of course, if other media outlets break the embargo you can bet we'll be all over it. Until then, our lips are sealed.

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