Rated X: KTM unveils X-Bow sketches

The Jalop has the pretty pictures showing off KTM's Geneva-bound, Audi-powered sports car, the X-Bow. The cycle maker's nasty little creation takes all the goodness of the Lotus 340R, Ariel Atom, and various light-and-quick Caterhams, and packs it into an interesting-looking racy body with space for two.

It should be light (1,500 lbs or less), quick as all get-out, and impossibly fun. Pricing is said to be in the neighborhood of €40,000 ( around $52K). No word on whether or not those nifty scif-fi-style helmets are included in the package.

We anxiously await the Geneva Motor Show...

(More sketches after the jump)

[Source: KTM via Jalopnik]

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